Understanding the inextricable link between cybersecurity and overall economic vitality, GO-Biz works to develop and support cybersecurity partnerships. States that proactively address cybersecurity concerns can encourage technological innovation, strengthen workforce development, and assist businesses of all types to become more cyber-secure.   

This proactive approach to cybersecurity is particularly relevant in the development of innovative new products that are connected to the internet.  California is the leader in many of the new technologies associated with the “Internet of Things” (IoT), the term for the phenomenon in which both physical devices and people are connected to networks that are linked to the internet and communicating sensitive data. For example, personal medical devices, home appliances, and automobiles can all be connected to the internet. This connectivity can lead to amazing breakthroughs in personal health and economic efficiency, yet it also raises serious concerns about the integrity of such sensitive data.  By reinforcing its leadership position in cybersecurity, California will continue to be a global innovation trailblazer in the many industries associated with the IoT. 

GO-Biz works with a variety of stakeholders to support the development of technological solutions, skilled workers, and collaborative processes related to cybersecurity. These partnerships include: CyberCalifornia and the California Cybersecurity Task Force.  


CyberCalifornia is an ever-growing coalition of businesses, academic institutions, and state agencies, all of whom understand the need to proactively address the cybersecurity concerns and opportunities associated with next-generation technologies. CyberCalifornia is organized in conjunction with the Innovation Hub (iHub) Network. Formed in 2015, the CyberCalifornia coalition has already developed multiple cybersecurity partnerships, including an industry summit in the Governor’s Office, a youth innovation challenge, and a pending supply chain grant application. 

California Cybersecurity Task Force

The GO-Biz Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit chairs the Economic Development Subcommittee of the California  Cybersecurity Task Force. This task force is a statewide partnership comprised of key stakeholders, subject matter experts, and cybersecurity professionals from California's public sector, private industry, academia, and law enforcement. Formed in 2015. the Task Force serves as an advisory body to the State of California Senior Administration Officials in matters related to Cybersecurity, and is led by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and the California Department of Technology. 

CyberCalifornia coalition has already developed multiple cybersecurity partnerships, including an industry summit in the Governor’s Office, a youth innovation challenge, and a California defense industry supply chain cyber resiliency initiative.”

California Cyber Innovation Challenge

For two years, GO-Biz has proudly supported the California Cyber Innovation Challenge (CCIC), a statewide high school cybersecurity competition along with the CyberCalifornia Coalition. The CCIC is part of a statewide campaign to expand access to technology career pathways for students and empower businesses to support cybersecurity education and training. The CCIC allows high school level cybersecurity competition teams to demonstrate their expertise, while encouraging the formation of new cybersecurity teams for future statewide challenges.

Cyber Challenge competition activities have included timed cybersecurity challenges designed to replicate the many different threats that cybersecurity professionals face, from attacks on critical infrastructure to attempted breaches of consumer data on connected devices. Qualifying teams either won designated regional cybersecurity competitions or submitted applications to participate. 

GO-Biz has partnered with higher education academic partners to host these competitions. Last year and the 2018 Challenge will be coordinated in partnership with California Polytechnic State University.