The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit collaborates with key workforce development and education partners because education, skills development, and entrepreneurial acumen can help all Californians benefit from our innovative economy.  Technology-based start-ups, small businesses seeking new opportunities, and established technology or research-based businesses all require workforces with strong technical skills.  Our partners include the California Workforce Development Board, the Employment Training Panel, the California Community Colleges, and non-profit and foundation leaders.  These partnerships cover a variety of opportunities, including:

  • Capacity building for education, training and workforce development programs
  • Youth STEM outreach and skills development efforts
  • Emerging sector labor market research
  • Entrepreneurial re-training programs 
  • Helping employers scale up their talent development initiatives and internship-to-hire programs 
  • Alternative learning programs

As one example of our work in supporting next-generation educational and workforce development opportunities, GO-Biz hosted the inaugural California Cyber Innovation Challenge in June 2016.  In this demonstration event, eight teams of high school students competed in a series of timed cybersecurity challenges to defend the integrity of simulated computer networks and crack complex codes.  This innovation challenge allowed California to proactively address the global cybersecurity skills gap while also expanding access to technology career pathways for students. 

We look forward to working together to align efforts in order to strengthen California’s workforce development system.